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Our Story

Try to imagine , that the choice of your idea for business is to open an online shop with Superfoods. It all seemed to be very easy at the time-Alas how far were we from reality! All we had to do is buy the raw material and prepack it in retail bags. When you find out, you can not do it in your own kitchen , you go accordingly and rent a suitable place. However if the place you?ve rented is a little too big for your small business naturally you start to think how you can develop your offer. For us the most obvious and organic way was to start ........


All our products are made of high quality cocoa beans exclusively sourced from Ecological Farmings only.


As a sweetener we use the best grade organic Coconut Blossom Nectar, which is one of the healthiest natural sweeteners available.


All our products are hand-made and hand-wraped, paying meticulous attention to the smallest possible detail.