Chocolate is not only a treat that is delicious in itself. It can also be used in various ways as an addition to the kitchen, not only for desserts. It is perfect for baking – when you think about it, sweet cookies, delicious creams or intense brownies immediately appear in your head. However, it is also worth trying other, not always obvious possibilities: in the case of savory dishes, the cocoa tablet goes well with spicy and oriental spices such as chili or Roman cumin.

Chocolate for baking

The cocoa tablet can be used in baking in several ways. Crushed chocolate pieces are most often used as an ingredient to enrich cakes and cookies or as a coating. Some recipes require the plate to be melted and added directly to the mass. Similarly in the case of creams – chocolate should be melted and combined with the appropriate ingredients in this form.

What is chocolate couverture?

Chocolate couverture differs from the well-known snack in the content of cocoa butter – there is more of it (from 32-39%). This has an impact, above all, on the consistency and processing behavior, but also on the exceptionally elegant appearance. When the glaze made of chocolate couverture solidifies, it becomes very smooth and acquires an attractive gloss, it is also distinguished by a characteristic crackle that can be heard after breaking it. For this reason, professional baking chocolate that is used by confectioners is precisely couverture. Only thanks to it you can achieve spectacular effects.

Other uses of chocolate in the kitchen

Chocolate in the form of a regular, classic bar or couverture can also be used as an addition to breakfast cereals (grated or finely chopped), pudding, hot drinking chocolate, fresh or dried fruit. Almost all dried fruits and nuts blend perfectly with the cocoa flavor and you can cover them with chocolate at home, especially hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, raisins, bananas or figs. In the case of dry dishes, chocolate is used, among others, for traditional chili con carne or Mexican mole sauce, goes well with meats and plant dishes, perfectly complements spicy and intense spices, and works well with: chili, cumin, cinnamon, pepper, cardamom and nutmeg .

Chocolate is very versatile because of its unique taste that is sweet, bitter and sour at the same time. Go ahead and include it in your kitchen, not only for desserts!