Do you like snacking on sweets, but whenever you reach for something sweet, do you feel guilty? Do you value a healthy lifestyle, but you can’t give up small pleasures? We have something for you!

The secret of COCOA chocolate delicacies is primarily their unique composition composed for healthy nutrition. Sugar added to traditional chocolate has been replaced by coconut palm nectar. The products also do not contain milk, making them ideal for vegans and people allergic to lactose. The most important thing in COCOA chocolates are unroasted cocoa beans, i.e. the so-called raw cocoa, to which sweets from this line owe their unique properties.

What is the difference between ordinary cocoa and raw cocoa?

Classic cocoa is made by grinding roasted or roasted cocoa beans. During heat treatment, the beans gain flavor, but lose many valuable nutrients. It is different in the case of raw cocoa, for which the beans are only fermented and dried. This treatment process means that the finished product retains much more valuable antioxidants and minerals such as chromium, potassium, manganese, calcium and iron.

When you feel sad, when you feel bad

The rich mineral composition of raw cocoa means that chocolate produced on its basis perfectly affects concentration, reduces stress and adds energy. What’s more, the anandamide contained in it, called the happiness neurotransmitter, very effectively improves mood. Chocolate delicacies created on the basis of unroasted cocoa beans are also natural aphrodisiacs. In raw cocoa, there is also another chemical compound that releases endorphins – namely phenylethylamine produced by the body in love. In addition, due to the high content of antioxidants, sweets from the COCOA line slow down the aging process of cells, improve their regeneration and add energy. Taking them in large quantities allows you to protect blood vessels from damage and reduce the level of bad cholesterol, which helps to reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

Do you want to eat chocolate? Here you are! Chocolate coated COCOA chocolates and snacks are one of the few products on the market that can be called healthy sweets. This is evidenced by their simple, carefully developed composition, in which the most important position is unroasted cocoa beans – a rich source of antioxidants and minerals.