Set – chocolate bars 3 x 100g


White Artisan Chocolate Bar with Pistachios and Salt 100g

Our Delicious Artisan White Chocolate Bar with Pistachios and Himalayan Salt. Here we have used grinned organic Almonds with coconut blossom sugar and coconut powder to achieve a velvety ‘toffee- like’ taste. Garnished with non-roasted organic Pistachios and lightly  sprinkled with a pinch of Organic Himalayan salt, this bar not only tastes great but looks beautiful too. Ideal artisan chocolate gift.

Craft Chocolate bar with Almonds, Coffee & Mulberry 100g

Our Award Winning craft chocolate bar made from fine quality Trinitario cocoa beans. Our cocoa beans are Unroasted and processed in a low temp to capture and seal maximum flavour. This bar has a creamy and smooth chocolate texture with a pleasant coffee under-taste. Decorated with crunchy almonds and chewy mulberries, we’ve sweetened it with the best quality Organic Coconut Blossom sugar.

Artisan Chocolate Bar with Coconut Milk 100g

Delicious artisan chocolate bar enhanced with Coconut Milk. This is a revolutionary light in taste and supremely creamy in texture chocolate bar ideal for those who do not want a dairy based but “Milky-like” tasting chocolate. We have used the best cocoa beans for this artisan  chocolate bar aiming to deliver the highest impact of flavor and give you the best tasting chocolate experience.

White Artisan Chocolate Bar with Pistachios and Salt:
Energy per 100g: 2539 kJ/611 kcal,
fat 46g – including saturated fatty acids 22g,
carbohydrates 41g – including sugar 40g,
fibre 3g, protein 8g, salt 0,3g.

Craft Chocolate bar with Almonds, Coffee & Mulberry:
Energy per 100g: 2464 kJ/594 kcal,
fat 45g – including saturated fatty acids 26g,
carbohydrates 37g – including sugar 35g, fibre 7g,
protein 7g, salt 0,2g

Artisan Chocolate Bar with Coconut Milk:
Energy per 100g: 2490 kJ/599 kcal,
fat 44g – including saturated fatty acids 30g,
carbohydrates 44g – including sugar 41g,
fibre 4g, protein 4g, salt 0,1g.

White Artisan Chocolate Bar with Pistachios and Salt:
Coconut blossom sugar*, cocoa butter*, almonds*, pistachios* 16%, coconut milk powder*, Himalayan salt 1%, Bourbon vanilla* – cocoa mass content min. 36%.

Craft Chocolate bar with Almonds, Coffee & Mulberry:
unroasted cocoa beans*, coconut blossom sugar*, cocoa butter*,almonds* 9%, mulberries* 3%, ground coffee* 0,5% – cocoa mass content min. 55%.

Artisan Chocolate Bar with Coconut Milk:
coconut blossom sugar*, cocoa butter* cocoa beans, coconut milk powder* 16%- cocoa mass content min. 45%.

* Ingredients from ecological farming.

WARNING: May contain oher nuts.

All products are made from ecological raw materials, without the use of chemical agents extending the shelf life or improving the taste. After production, the products are stored in our manufactory at 17-18 * C and after purchase should not be stored at a temperature higher than 20 * C. After opening the packaging it should be consumed within 2 weeks

  • organic product
  • vegan product
  • gluten free product
  • hand made
  • dairy free
  • palm oil free product

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