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Artisan Chocolate Bar with Coconut Milk 100g

Delicious artisan chocolate bar enhanced with Coconut Milk. This is a revolutionary light in taste and supremely creamy in texture chocolate bar ideal for those who do not want a dairy based but ?Milky-like? tasting chocolate. We have used the best cocoa beans for this artisan  chocolate bar aiming to deliver the highest impact of flavor and give you the best tasting chocolate experience.

Cashews Coated in Raw Coconut Chocolate 200g

Incredibly creamy and silk-like organic Raw Coconut Chocolate covered Cashews. Each cashew nut is triple coated in our mouthwatering flavoursome ?milky-like? tasting chocolate. This is our version of a healthy guilt free snack totally irresistible in taste and flavour. This is an Ideal fine chocolate gift for any person.

Coconut spread 200g

Meet our new fine Coconut spread. With its creamy light and caramel-like flavour this  craft made spread is ideal for your morning oats, afternoon scones snack or simply use as a filling/topping for your favourite baked treat.

Artisan Chocolate Bar with Coconut Milk
Energy per 100g: 2490 kJ/599 kcal,
fat 44g – including saturated fatty acids 30g,
carbohydrates 44g – including sugar 41g,
fibre 4g, protein 4g, salt 0,1g.

Cashews Coated in Raw Coconut Chocolate
Energy per 100g: 2497 kJ/602 kcal,
fat 47g – including saturated fatty acids 21g,
carbohydrates 30g – including sugar 21g,
fibre 7g, protein 11g, salt 0,1g.

Coconut spread
Energy per 100g: 2351 kJ/565 kcal,
fat 38g – including saturated fatty acids 27g,
carbohydrates 42g – including sugar 40g,
fibre 5g, protein 10g, salt 0,1g.

Artisan Chocolate Bar with Coconut Milk
coconut blossom sugar*, cocoa butter* cocoa beans,  coconut milk powder* 16%- cocoa mass content min. 45%.

Cashews Coated in Raw Coconut Chocolate
chocolate 65% (coconut blossom sugar*, cocoa butter*, cocoa beans*, coconut milk powder* 16% – cocoa mass content min. 45%), cashews* 35%.

Coconut spread
Almonds*42%, coconut blossom sugar*, coconut flesh*, Bourbon vanilla* emulgator – sunflower lecithin*.

*Ingredients from ecological farming.

WARNING: May contain oher nuts.

All products are made from ecological raw materials, without the use of chemical agents extending the shelf life or improving the taste. After production, the products are stored in our manufactory at 17-18 * C and after purchase should not be stored at a temperature higher than 20 * C. After opening the packaging it should be consumed within 2 weeks.

  • organic product
  • vegan product
  • gluten free product
  • hand made
  • dairy free
  • palm oil free product

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