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Artisan White Bar with CEYLON CINNAMON 100g

Artisan White Bar with CEYLON CINNAMON 100g

  • If you do not know what Christmas tastes like yet , well allows us to introduce you our Limited Christmas Edition White Bar with CEYLON Cinnamon Bar. We wanted to create and capture something very special this year- in our instance a chocolate bar epitomizing what Christmas is about. The ingredients exclusively hand picked and selected, the packaging stylish and timeless, the flavor so unique and dare we say absolutely gorgeous! A celebrity hit yet a very well kept 'hsss' product, this bar will simply leave you speechless. So go ahead and treat yourself and loved one with our Ultimate Christmas favourite chocolate bar.

  • Nutritional values: Energy per 100g: 2654 kJ/640 kcal, fat 50g - including saturated fatty acids 27g, carbohydrates 41g - including sugar 41g, fibre 3g, protein 6g, salt 0,2g.

  • Ingredients: Coconut blossom sugar*, cocoa butter*, almonds*, coconut flesh* , Ceylon Cinnamon* 3%, Bourbon vanilla* - cocoa mass content min. 36%.
    * Ingredients from ecological farming.

WARNING: The product may contain other nuts causing allergy or food intolerance.