For years, with passion and commitment, we have been creating various and non-standard compositions of vegan chocolate flavors combined with unroasted cocoa beans. During this time, we closely observe which duets have won the hearts of our customers the most.

White chocolate plate with hazelnuts

Biała czekoladowa tafla z orzechami laskowymi

Recently, our orders include white, vegan chocolate with the addition of crunchy hazelnuts. This duo is especially loved by all vegan gourmets who like white chocolate, but without the addition of milk or any other animal-based product. In short, it is a tasty, healthy and vegan palate feast.

Surowa czekolada otoczona orzechami laskowymi

Crunchy hazelnuts with raw chocolate

White vegan chocolate with salt and pistachios is gaining more and more popularity from month to month. Probably for all people who have already had the opportunity to taste this duo, there is nothing strange in it. It may come as a surprise that the color of white vegan chocolate with salt and pistachios does not resemble those that can usually be found on store shelves. This is because the rusty color of coconut sugar gives it a beige color to the whole. However, you can be calm, because the taste contains everything that is best in white chocolate!

Słona czekolada z pistacjami

Crunchy pistachio and salty chocolate – a taste you can’t to forget

Dark chocolate plate 65% RAW with plums

As it turns out, the dark chocolate 65% RAW plate with plums is the third most-chosen delicacy. It is certainly a combination for true traditionalists of taste. For many people, the taste of plums is associated with a carefree time spent in the Polish orchard. In addition, these fruits have many health-promoting properties, thanks to which we can even delay the aging of our skin. Moreover, prunes are a source of fiber (prunes contain up to 6 times more fiber than fresh plums). That is why they have a positive effect on intestinal peristalsis and thus prevent constipation. Prunes in combination with vegan chocolate that is not heat-treated at high temperatures is a combination not only tasty, but also tasty!

Ciemna czekolada z suszonymi śliwkami

A traditional and timeless combination of flavors

Raw vegan dark chocolate RAW 70%

I don’t think you need to convince anyone that raw, dark chocolate with 70% cocoa is a real classic. It probably owes its place not only to the unique taste of unroasted cocoa beans, but also to many positive effects on our health. We have already written about what exactly our body owes to dark chocolate, so we would like to invite everyone to read it.

Kostki ciemnej czekolady Cocoa

Dark vegan chocolate, which means healthy and tasty

Hazelnuts in coconut chocolate

An original composition that is hard to find on store shelves. It delights with its taste and composition. The combination of raw, vegan chocolate with a coconut twist is the perfect solution for all seekers of unique flavors.

Orzechy laskowe oblane czekoladą kokosową

Hazelnuts in vegan chocolate with a coconut flavor

Above, we have presented only four delicacies that are the most popular among our customers. However, as you can see, our offer is characterized by a wide selection of various flavors. So that everyone can find their favorite. We encourage you to share the opinion of every gourmet of our vegan chocolates.