There are very few people who can resist chocolate. However, despite the great sympathy, along with the growing awareness of healthy eating, consumers began to wonder what the composition of healthy chocolate should be. We try to answer this question below.

From cocoa beans to chocolate

The history of chocolate goes back to the Aztecs and Mayans who used cocoa beans to make a drink known as bitter water. Cocoa beans appeared on our continent thanks to the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. Initially, they were not very popular because the people of Europe did not know what to use them for. Today we know that they can make delicious chocolate.

In order to make chocolate from cocoa beans, they are subjected to a process of fermentation, drying, roasting, crushing and de-scaling until a semi-liquid consistency is obtained. The mass prepared in this way is then divided into a powder and cocoa butter. To make chocolate, sugar or another sweetener is added to the cocoa liquor. In the case of milk chocolate, milk is also added.

What is the composition of healthy chocolate?

More and more people wonder if there is such a thing as healthy chocolate. The good news for all of its followers is that it exists. However, before purchasing, take a close look at the ingredients list. The best choice is dark chocolate, which is sugar-free and has a high polyphenol content. Therefore, its consumption has a beneficial effect, including on the circulatory system. However, if we are not one of its supporters, producers more and more often give us the opportunity to buy milk chocolate without added sugar.

In addition to products with added sugar, it is also worth avoiding those containing, among others:

  • Palm oil,
  • aromas,
  • preservatives.

If we are lactose intolerant people, we should also remember that milk chocolate contains an addition of milk. In this case, a good solution is lactose-free chocolate, which will not cause unpleasant ailments.