The unique atmosphere of Christmas is created not only by a beautifully dressed Christmas tree or Christmas decorations. You can also feel it in the air – at this time, the smell of delicious pastries spreads in almost every home! Check how to enrich their taste thanks to the chocolate couverture!

Coating or classic chocolate – what will be better for Christmas baking?

If you have never used couverture before, it is worth explaining how it differs from the so-called classic chocolate. The very name alone explains a lot, as the French word “couverture” means “duvet”. In fact, it is possible to define the chocolate couverture in this way, which is commonly used, inter alia, in for making velvety baking glaze.

The properties of couverture are due to the higher cocoa butter content (32-35%). Such composition determines its unique taste, but not only. After thermal treatment, the glaze made of it gains a delightful shine. In addition, when you eat pastries covered with it, you may hear a characteristic crunch. All this makes it a product that confectioners eagerly reach for.

You might as well use the couverture to prepare homemade baking for the holidays. Due to the fact that it is more and more popular, you can easily buy it in most stores (including online). Certainly, Christmas pastries covered with a coating prepared on the basis of couverture will look better than those to which you add classic chocolate. Their taste will also be completely different.

Festive pastries covered with a velvety chocolate-flavored glaze

You don’t have time to bake cakes? Then bet on something easy to prepare. They can be, for example, muffins that you can make in a dozen or so minutes. If you cover them with a coating made of couverture, despite their simplicity, they will delight everyone with their taste and appearance! Another option is to bake homemade cookies and then pour a delicious coating made of couverture over them.

And if you have more time and you want to prepare Christmas sweets, go for pralines, for example, which look very impressive. Each of them can look different, as long as, in addition to the velvety glaze, you decorate them with e.g. dried fruit, pieces of nuts or almond flakes.