Can you combine a delicious chocolate snack with healthy fruit straight from nature? Foodies who want to change their artificial snacks, stuffed chocolates or bars into a healthy alternative, can take advantage of the power of nature immersed in delicious, dark chocolate in the form of dried fruit in a coating. Dried fruits are a source of large amounts of fiber and many vitamins and micronutrients, so you can safely give them to children as a substitute for sweet treats.

Nature is delicious

We associate dried fruit in chocolate with plums, which are very popular in Poland. However, not everyone likes them, giving up dried snacks entirely. However, the possibilities are more than you might think. Everyone will find something for themselves from many fruits, both Polish and exotic, covered in delicious dark, dark or milk chocolate. Already in antiquity, the power of dried fruit was appreciated, which ensured longevity and health, due to the high content of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins A, C, B, E and many others. That is why today we should appreciate their richness and taste.

Dried fruit for everyone

Usually, small dried fruits are covered entirely with chocolate. These are, for example, raisins, apricots and plums. On the other hand, larger fruits are cut into slices or pieces, and only then dried and covered with chocolate. Chocolate can be bitter, dessert or sweet depending on what we like. Due to the many combinations of flavors, there is sure to be something for everyone. Fans of sour notes can choose slices of dried orange in dark chocolate, and those interested in new intense flavors can try a great combination of ginger and chocolate. Dried fruit in chocolate is also a good snack for people who are slimming, because thanks to the high content of fiber, they quickly saturate, leaving a feeling of satiety.

If you do not like dried fruit in chocolate yourself, remember that they can be a perfect gift for everyone. Beautifully packed exotic fruits in chocolate will surely impress and satisfy almost every palate. As a gift for a child, they will also make their parents happy, because they are healthy and tasty.