The beginning of the new year is a time when many people decide to make a New Year’s resolution list and plan their life changes. Are you also one of them? If so, and you intend to focus on healthy eating this year, then we’ll tell you how to do it in practice!

New Year’s resolutions in practice, or what to do so that they don’t stay on paper only

Are you planning to make some changes to the current menu? This is a great idea – healthy eating will help you not only take care of a slim figure, but also better health. The good news is that a properly balanced menu does not have to be monotonous and distasteful. Moreover, sweets may appear in it! It is important that they do not contain added sugar and other unnecessary additives (e.g. palm oil, artificial flavors). These requirements are met by healthy chocolate available in our offer. However, before you learn more about it, check what other changes in the menu should be introduced in the diet in the new year.

In addition to eliminating sweets, choose a calorie menu tailored to your individual needs (avoid standard, highly restrictive diets), take care of regular meals, introduce a lot of fresh vegetables and whole grain foods, and limit the consumption of highly processed products ( both sweets sweetened with sugar or syrups, as well as salty snacks and fast-food dishes).

Sugar-free chocolate that will help you make New Year’s resolutions

Chocolate with no added sugar will make it easier for you to meet New Year’s resolutions, because you will not have to give up the sweet taste. The one that you will find in our offer also does not contain milk and other additives of animal origin. Therefore, it is a vegan chocolate that you can also eat on a plant-based diet.

This is not the end of good news. You can also enjoy the unique chocolate taste of our products in the case of lactose intolerance. All thanks to the fact that we offer you lactose-free chocolate, the food of which does not cause unpleasant ailments.

We sell not only chocolate bars, but also fruit, nuts and chocolate-coated almonds. You can use them to prepare a delicious:

  • porridge,
  • millet (it is enough if you cook groats or millet flakes on cow’s or vegetable milk and add nuts or
  • fruit in chocolate without sugar),
  • dietary desserts (e.g. chia pudding or linseed jelly with pieces of healthy chocolate, or the addition of nuts and fruit in a chocolate coating),
  • fruit salad with fresh, seasonal fruit (in summer it can be, for example, raspberries and strawberries, and in autumn pears or plums).

Eating chocolate without sugar will allow you to fulfill your resolutions for the New Year and enjoy a slim figure. Due to the fact that it is a sugar-free product, and at the same time rich in valuable ingredients (including iron, polyphenols, B vitamins), it will help you protect yourself against caries, carbohydrate disorders or cardiovascular diseases.