Breakfast with cornflakes in the lead role has many advantages. It is quick to prepare, tasty and can be made warm. What to do in order not to give up your favorite cereals and at the same time diversify your menu? The answer to this question is corn flakes in natural chocolate!

Flakes covered with raw cocoa chocolate – an idea for a delicious and healthy breakfast

Ever fancied a chocolate-flavoured breakfast for breakfast, but gave it up for fear of being slim? Chocolate, as well as products coated with it, are not associated with something healthy. It is often said that eating sugar-rich foods contributes to obesity and chronic disease.

In the case of corn flakes covered with natural chocolate, it looks completely different. They are a good idea for a delicious and healthy breakfast because:

  • instead of white sugar, they are sweetened with a natural sweetener – coconut blossom nectar;
  • they do not contain palm oil, flavors, dyes and other additives that have a negative effect on health;
  • raw COCOA chocolate is characterised by a high content of antioxidants, B vitamins and minerals (including magnesium and iron);

The raw chocolate coated with corn flakes is made from organic raw materials. In addition, compared to classic chocolate, it has a number of health-promoting properties. The antioxidants it contains protect your body against the harmful effects of free radicals.

Choose your favorite flake flavour!

The combination of raw chocolate glaze with coconut blossom nectar gives the petals a unique chocolate flavor with a slight hint of caramel. Additionally, you can choose from different types of flakes: in Creamy chocolate, in Dark chocolate, in Coconut chocolate and Almond with salt.