Juicy fruit and sweet, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate – can you imagine a better combination? Mulberry, plums, or maybe figs in chocolate? Check why it is worth reaching for such delicacies!

Chocolate with fruit, a perfect combination!


A healthy snack for Vegans and more

There is no doubt that fruit is worth eating – it is a source of dietary fiber, vitamins and polyphenols. This means that eating them regularly has a positive effect on body weight, the functioning of the digestive system and reduces the risk of diseases (including atherosclerosis, cancer). That is why you should eat fruit every day – but here the question arises, in what form to serve it so that they do not get bored quickly?

The fruit can be a delicious snack, addition to a cocktail, porridge or salad. You can also choose figs, plums or mulberry in chocolate, which will also increase the amount of valuable ingredients in the diet and make it more varied. You might be wondering now, how is it possible that chocolate-covered fruit is not only delicious, but also healthy? The secret lies in the right composition of chocolate!

Fruits in chocolate

Are you looking for a healthy snack? Go for fruit in chocolate without the addition of white sugar, palm oil, flavours or dyes. By choosing a product that additionally does not contain animal milk, you can enjoy the taste of fruit and chocolate even if you are on a vegan diet!

You can also choose plums in vegan chocolate, which are perfect for a healthy snack at work or school. Another idea is to add them to porridge or fruit salad – they will make its taste completely different and you will not feel like reaching for those unhealthy sweets.