Hazelnuts in combination with chocolate are one of the most popular duets. No wonder many people love this composition. We decided to diversify it and instead of traditional chocolate, choose raw coconut-flavored chocolate. It is a tasty snack that will sweeten the day. However, it is worth considering what impact it has on our health.

Orzechy laskowe w wegańskiej czekoladzie kokosowej RAW OCTO

Hazelnuts in raw chocolate are a healthy and tasty snack!

Are raw chocolate hazelnuts healthy?

Hazelnuts are famous for their taste and the nutritional value they have. Their high content of vitamin E has a positive effect on the reproductive organs, i.e. improves fertility and potency. On the other hand, greetings from group B strengthen the nervous system, and even memory and thinking skills. What’s more, eating hazelnuts prevents hypertension, atherosclerosis and blood clots, all due to potassium, unsaturated fatty acids and fiber. Another advantage of hazelnuts is their low glycemic index. Thanks to this, people who are on a slimming diet, or even those suffering from diabetes, can confidently afford such a snack, even if they have been drenched in raw chocolate.

Raw chocolate and hazelnuts are still a healthy combination!

Many people wrongly assume that chocolate is always unhealthy and only has a negative effect on our health. However, it is worth realizing that the method of preparing chocolate is of great importance. Raw chocolate means that it is not heat-treated at high temperatures. This solution allows us to feel a more intense flavor and enjoy the nutritional values ??provided by raw chocolate.

What else distinguishes raw chocolate with hazelnuts?

First, the vegan composition. Due to the fact that our sweets do not contain animal products, they are a great supplement to many diets. It is also worth mentioning that instead of white sugar, we add a natural sweetener, which is its healthier substitute. Ecological values ??are also important to us. For these reasons, all the raw materials we use to produce our sweet products come from organic farming and ethical trade. What’s more, Cocoa chocolates are a product of hand-made products created with attention to the smallest detail.

A tasty dessert can also be healthy!

Hazelnuts embedded in raw chocolate with a coconut flavor is a great combination for every lover of sweeter and tastier versions of traditional snacks. This composition takes us to a feast of flavors and has a pleasant effect on our health. As you can see, a healthy composition can also go hand in hand with taste!