We love chocolate for many things: great taste, amazing smell, beautiful color, but also because it can be eaten in many ways and added to a variety of desserts. In many dishes, chocolate takes on a liquid form, hence the frequently asked question: what are the best ways to dissolve chocolate? We advise you on how to do it properly to enjoy the unique taste and velvety texture of this delicacy. Our recipes will work with any type of chocolate – vegan chocolate will melt just as well as traditional chocolate.

Dissolving chocolate in a pot

This is the easiest way that can be done in any home kitchen. The chocolate tablet should be broken into smaller pieces and placed on the bottom of the saucepan, then turn on a small fire and heat up the contents of the pan. It is important to remember to constantly stir the chocolate mass, otherwise it may burn. To minimize this risk, a small amount of milk or coconut oil should be placed at the bottom of the pot. This is especially desirable for white chocolate, which caramelizes easily and takes slightly longer to melt due to its high fat content.

Dissolving chocolate in a water bath

Water bath is a slightly more difficult method, but eliminates the risk of burning and guarantees a smooth, uniform mass. Pour water into a medium sized pot and then bring it to a temperature close to boiling. Then a bowl of crushed chocolate is placed in the pot – the finer the pieces, the faster it will melt. Note: the bowl should rest with its edges on the edge of the pot and should not touch the water. The chocolate heats up gradually in this way by the heat exerted from below. By gently mixing the mass, the treat will melt evenly.

Melting chocolate in the microwave

It’s a method that may seem like a shortcut, but it’s just as effective as the previous ones and, above all, very fast. Any vessel is filled with chocolate approximately 3/4 of its height, and then placed in the microwave for about 1 minute at 600W. After this time, remove the chocolate, mix it thoroughly and place it back in the microwave. The action is repeated until there are no lumps in the mass. In this method, no liquids are added to the chocolate as it may weigh itself.

Melted chocolate can be used as a coating for cakes, ice cream or pancakes. It can also be drunk as a standalone drink or as an addition to sweet cocktails. Fruits coated with hot chocolate are also popular. The possibilities are endless, it all depends on the culinary fantasy of the cook. In order to enjoy not only the great taste, but also the satisfaction of consuming valuable products, it is worth choosing only healthy chocolates for melting, for example Raw COCOA dark chocolate.