You probably associate Cocoa the most with the various types of delicious raw chocolate bars we have on offer. But have you ever looked at other sections? There you will find all kinds of corn crisps, creams, biscuits and flakes. But by far the most numerous section next to the plates are things drenched in raw chocolate! From fruit, through nuts and delicacies. In this article, we want to introduce you to this category and present, in our opinion, the most interesting proposals!

Jagody Goji w surowej ciemnej czekoladzie

Raw chocolate is a tasty and healthy snack!

Goji berries in dark chocolate

It is not without reason that it has become more and more popular recently, famous for its pro-health properties. They are said to be one of the healthiest fruits, and now you can taste them in a unique combination with raw chocolate! We do not hide, they are the ones who play the first fiddle in this statement, but you will also have the taste of berries. They are the perfect complement to intensely cocoa notes.

Inca berry in dark chocolate

Less popular than goji berries, although no less interesting! They are famous for their dry taste, which even unroasted cocoa beans cannot cover. Not dominant, but still very noticeable wine accents of Inca berries are definitely a proposition for gourmets of dry things, who like to feel an intense, fruity note combined with the expressive taste of raw chocolate.

Figs in raw chocolate

Are you looking for a healthy and light snack? Then the raw chocolate figs will surely be something for you. The delicate and sweet taste of Figs is the perfect complement to vegan Cocoa chocolate and is definitely a proposition for those who need slightly less dry things. What makes them even more a perfect snack is the high fiber content, the largest of all dried fruits!

Dates in chocolate

A soft, juicy and sweet date in a delicate raw chocolate coating is a position that has captivated more than one! The sweetness of the date is a pleasant complement to the characteristic citrus accents of raw chocolate. This combination is not only for lovers of dry flavors, but it is definitely the most appreciated by gourmets of cocoa notes.