A vegan diet is about excluding all animal products from your daily meals. Over the last few years, it has gained immense popularity and more and more people are choosing this way of eating. The reasons for such a decision are various, starting with ideological ones and ending with ecological ones. However, many myths and false information have arisen around the vegan diet, which when reproduced cause it to be misconceived.

Myth 1: A vegan diet doesn’t get enough protein

The main controversy caused by the vegan diet is the issue of protein, which is essential for the proper development of the body. The best source of it is lean meat, dairy products and fish, i.e. products excluded from it. For this reason, many people associate it with protein deficiency. However, this is a misconception because it is also found in many plant foods, such as legumes, avocados, and tofu.

Myth 2: Veganism causes calcium deficiencies

The source of calcium is primarily dairy products and milk. However, it is absorbed only in about 30%. On the other hand, calcium, which is supplied with plant products, is absorbed even in 60%. This means that when choosing a vegan diet, you do not have to worry about calcium deficiency in the body, which is primarily responsible for strong bones. Its excellent sources are green plants, poppy seeds, sesame, figs, beans, walnuts and almonds.

Myth 3: Vegans don’t eat sweets

This is another misrepresented myth. Its popularity is primarily due to the fact that sweets contain products that cannot be eaten on a vegan diet. Most of them contain milk, eggs, gelatin, cochineal beetle obtained from beetles or other additives of animal origin. However, there are many products on the market that do not contain prohibited ingredients. One of them is chocolate for vegans, which is the perfect delicacy for people who cannot imagine their life without sweets. Vegan chocolate comes in many flavors, and more importantly, it is definitely healthier than the traditional version. It is sweetened with coconut sugar and based on cocoa beans obtained from organic farming.

A vegan diet comes with numerous sacrifices, but it can have many health benefits. By properly composing the menu, you can easily provide the body with all the necessary nutrients and enjoy the richness of flavors.