Chocolate couverture is a product commonly used in confectionery, because it makes the baked goods delight not only with their taste, but also with their appearance. What distinguishes chocolate couverture and how can you use it in your kitchen?

What is the difference between chocolate couverture and regular chocolate?

First of all, couverture is characterized by a higher cocoa butter content compared to regular chocolate. For a product to be called chocolate couverture, it should contain 32-39% cocoa butter, and the total proportion of cocoa liquor products should be at least 54%. It is this composition that determines the gloss after the thermal treatment, as well as the characteristic crackle when breaking.

It is not only the content of individual ingredients that determines the properties of the couverture. The origin and the method of processing the cocoa beans from which it was made are also important. Thanks to properly carried out roasting, grinding and conching processes, they do not lose their valuable ingredients and characteristic aroma.

Ideas for the use of couverture

While plain chocolate sold in bars often appears in recipes for homemade cakes or desserts, you may encounter coatings less frequently. This does not mean, however, that it is a product reserved exclusively for professional confectioners. You can also successfully use it in your kitchen!

You will certainly appreciate the possibilities offered by high-quality chocolate couverture. You can use it to prepare:

  • decorative glaze (e.g. for pralines, truffles) that will delight with its shine and crispness;
  • fondue,
  • brownie (replacing regular chocolate with couverture will make the dough softer);
  • ice cream desserts (the taste of couverture goes perfectly with whipped cream);

Perhaps, despite the aforementioned advantages of couverture, you are not convinced yet, because you are afraid that there will be problems with its purchase. Nothing could be more wrong! You can find it in our healthy chocolate store.