In addition to the unique taste or appearance, chocolate should also encourage us with the right composition and preparation. Many people, when buying vegan chocolate in supermarkets or online stores, do not pay attention to the cocoa content or the sweetener used to impart flavor. For us, as lovers of chocolate products, these are very important issues. So what makes Cocoa vegan chocolate different?surowa czekolada z mlekiem kokosowym

Cocoa is vegan chocolate without white sugar and gluten

Despite the fact that our chocolates do not contain white sugar and gluten, they still have an unusual taste. We are able to achieve this success thanks to natural sweeteners. Instead of unhealthy additives, we choose nectar from coconut palm flowers. In this way, we get tasty and healthy vegan chocolate.

Cocoa vegan chocolate with nuts

Raw vegan chocolate equals an unforgettable taste

We do not want to lose the true and original taste of chocolate from unroasted cocoa beans. This is why our vegan chocolate is not subjected to high temperature processing. Moreover, such a solution allows the preservation of valuable minerals that contribute to stress reduction. Raw chocolate also provides energy, improves concentration, releases endorphins and even has a positive effect on the heart.

We care not only about the taste, but also the planet

Our vegan chocolate is made from raw materials that are certified organic and ethically traded. Therefore, by choosing our sweets, you choose ecological food that does not burden the Earth in any way.

We focus on handmade products

Even the best devices or robots cannot replace human precision and care. That’s why our sweets are prepared by a team of people who work with experience and passion to provide you with the best delicacies.

Cocoa vegan chocolate is simply delicious!