Almost everyone has heard about the health benefits of chocolate. Improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, strengthening the nervous system or anti-inflammatory effects are just some of the benefits that can be achieved by consuming it. However, remember that chocolate is not equal to chocolate. The production process itself can minimize the above-mentioned beneficial properties of chocolate, while providing the body with significant amounts of artificial harmful substances. For this reason, the so-called raw chocolate. What is? What characterizes it? Where to buy raw chocolate? You will find the answers to these questions later in the article.

What is raw chocolate?

The differences between plain and raw chocolate come from the heat treatment process. In the latter case, it is carried out at low temperatures, which allows the preservation of all the nutrients in its composition. The chocolate produced in this way is rich in magnesium, iron, potassium, copper, phosphorus, chromium, zinc, calcium, manganese, selenium, as well as in B vitamins and vitamin E. Moreover, raw chocolate is devoid of artificial ingredients such as colors, flavors and emulsifiers. Its production takes place with the use of natural substances of plant origin, which enables its consumption also by vegans. Very often, raw chocolates are labeled as obtained in the course of ecological production. They are characterized not only by the abovementioned abundance of nutritional values ??and a safe cultivation method, but also by a deep taste. In this case, also at the stage of cocoa growth, artificial aids, such as pesticides, which negatively affect the final product quality and the health of consumers, are abandoned.

Health benefits of raw chocolate

Raw chocolate, thanks to the wealth of nutrients it contains, has a positive effect on:

  • immune system,
  • circulation,
  • pressure,
  • the nervous system,
  • level of protection against free radicals,
  • pain resistance,
  • mental well-being,
  • physical regeneration of the body.

To sum up, raw chocolate is an invaluable source of ingredients valuable to health, so its consumption can be considered as an investment in your own health. In this respect, it is an incomparably better choice than traditional chocolate, which also contains many undesirable preservatives. You can find raw chocolate in health food stores or on manufacturers’ websites.