People suffering from celiac disease must exclude dishes containing gluten from their diet. This may seem to mean with a restrictive diet and the need to prepare your own meals. However, nowadays, thanks to the availability of gluten-free products, such people can enjoy safe equivalents of popular snacks, such as chocolate.

Does chocolate have gluten?

Chocolate – both dark and milk – is a product that usually does not contain natural sources of gluten. However, not all chocolate is gluten-free. It is caused by additives – e.g. mixtures of dried fruits or powdered milk. Gluten contamination can also occur during production processes, e.g. when products containing wheat flour are also manufactured on site. For people with celiac disease, even this seemingly small amount of gluten can be harmful, because contact with this substance causes intestinal damage.

What distinguishes gluten-free chocolate?

Gluten-free products have an appropriate marking on the packaging. It is a symbol of a crossed ear or the message “gluten-free” itself. The producer of food bearing such marks guarantees that the gluten content in the product does not exceed 20 mg / kg. This means that gluten-free chocolate is not only made of products that are naturally gluten-free, but also that it has not been contaminated with it at any stage of production. Such a product is therefore safe for people with celiac disease.

What other sweets can people on a gluten-free diet eat?

There are many types of sweet snacks that are naturally gluten-free. However, for people with celiac disease, it’s better to avoid processed foods that aren’t labeled gluten-free. A good solution is also to create such a dessert yourself – recipes for gluten-free equivalents of many known delicacies are available on the Internet. For example, baking made of rice, corn or buckwheat flour, to which you can add fruit, nuts, coconut or gluten-free chocolate, are popular.

A gluten-free diet undoubtedly requires practice in composing meals and avoiding certain products. However, there is no reason why people with celiac disease should completely give up the pleasure of eating sweets.