We know classic chocolate very well. Shop shelves almost bend under bars of milk, dark and white chocolate, with nuts and a wide range of other additives. However, few buyers know the alternative of raw chocolate.

Does Raw means better?

The word “raw” is often associated negatively with something that is not ready for consumption. This is not the case with raw chocolate. This type of chocolate is prepared in a completely different way. The production process is based on the use of low temperatures, which ensure high quality of the final product. This type of chocolate is noble and rich in minerals and B vitamins. It does not contain unnecessary additives, flavor enhancers, sweeteners, dyes or preservatives. It can be said that it is the highest quality chocolate, without any admixtures with other substances. Thus, raw means as much as pure, keeping its original form. A different method of production allows you to maintain all the beneficial properties of the cocoa beans. Raw chocolate can be purchased not only in the form of a classic bar, but also as an addition to other products. It can be used when preparing a coating in which fruit, dried fruit or nuts will be dipped.

Properties of raw chocolate

Consuming chocolate produced at low temperatures has many advantages. Raw chocolate has a positive effect on blood pressure, cardiovascular system, nervous system and supports the regeneration of the body, as well as slightly delays the aging process. It also allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way. It will work for people who need to avoid artificial food additives, e.g. due to an allergy. It is also an excellent proposition for those who care about the quality of the food provided to the body and everyone who cares about a healthy lifestyle. It can also be a great idea for a healthy gift for loved ones. This chocolate is intense in flavor, so a small amount is enough to experience its properties. The higher the cocoa content of a given product, the more bitter the chocolate is.

Raw chocolate is not only a healthier substitute for traditional sweets, but also the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of nature. The production of this chocolate is based on the highest standards, excluding excessive human interference and poor quality of the final product. Choosing raw chocolate is an opportunity to take care of physical and mental health, as well as a measurable improvement in the quality of life and everyday functioning.