People on a diet often pay much more attention to the composition of the products they consume. However, it is always worth taking care of what exactly we eat. We also often hear that the glycemic index may be the key. So why should you pay attention to its value and is it possible for sugar-free chocolate to contain a low glycemic index?Czekolada bez cukru z morwą, kawą i migdałami 100g

Chocolate without sugar is a tasty and healthy solution!

What is the glycemic index in sugar-free chocolate?

The glycemic index is a method that allows you to organize products according to their effect on blood sugar levels. According to this classification, we divide products into three groups, i.e. a group of products with a high glycemic index above 70 (these products are the cause of the fastest increase in blood glucose). The next group, that is the average, is the one whose range is from 55 to 70. However, the lowest increase in sugar causes food whose value after consumption is below 55. When choosing sweets, it is worth paying attention to this indicator. Sugar-free chocolate can also have a different glycemic index.

What is the glycemic index of sugar-free chocolate?

The rule is simple. The lower the glycemic index, the better. Especially when someone is struggling with diabetes. A lower value of this indicator is definitely a healthier and safer option. As you know, too much sugar in the blood can cause hunger pangs or even many dangerous diseases. That is why it is so important for us that our chocolates have a low glycemic index. All the sweets we create have a glycemic index of 35, so you can rest assured of your health even while tasting tasty sweets.

Does sugar-free chocolate harm diabetics?

Although some foods have similar carbohydrate content, the effect on blood glucose levels may be different. For this reason, it is recommended to pay more attention to the glycemic index when devising a diet for diabetics. If it is low enough, even sweet snacks and sugar-free chocolate will not harm people struggling with diabetes.

When doing everyday grocery shopping or planning a diet, it is worth taking a moment to analyze the ingredients of the products. The glycemic index can tell us a lot, because thanks to it we can find out, among other things, whether a given product is safe for diabetics.