Vegan sweet pancakes are one of the best dessert ideas for every gourmet of homemade delicacies. It is also a great solution to enrich breakfast or dinner. What’s more, contrary to appearances, they do not have to be unhealthy, even if we spice them up with sweet additions. So how to prepare pancakes that will be delicious, sweet, healthy and vegan?

Vegan chocolate pancakes


-2 cups of wheat flour

-2 cups of plant-based milk (this is not a required ingredient, so if you want to reduce the calories in the dough, without plant-based milk you will get equally tasty vegan pancakes).

-A tablespoon of oil

-1 and ? glasses of sparkling water

+ favorite extras

A method of preparing:

Mix the flour, milk, oil and water, then pour the prepared dough into the pan, bake the pancakes until they are golden brown.

If you do not want to serve the pancakes immediately, cover them to help prevent them from drying out.


Vegan sweet pancakes with chocolate cream

If you want to get sweet, but still healthy and vegan pancakes, pay attention to the ingredients that will diversify their taste. We propose to spread the pancakes prepared in advance with chocolate cream with roasted hazelnuts. As an addition, thin slices of banana or other favorite fruit will work great. In this way, we will obtain vegan sweet pancakes with an incredibly tasty taste.

Vegan sweet pancakes with chocolate and fruit

Another simple but tasty solution is to add chocolate glaze to the pancakes. It’s best to melt your favorite vegan chocolate, which will be the perfect addition. We have written about ways to melt chocolate before, so if you want to know our tips for getting perfectly melted chocolate, read on. The chocolate glaze prepared in this way will be perfect as a sweet addition to pancakes. If you prefer, we suggest adding your favorite fruit.








Pancake with chocolate and banana

After tasting pancakes, it is easy to come to the conclusion that vegan pancakes do not differ in taste at all from the traditional ones. That is why they are a great solution not only for vegans, but also for all lovers of tasty meals.