How to make the taste of your desserts enchant other household members and guests? All you have to do is cover them with a velvety glaze based on natural chocolate after you have prepared cupcakes, cookies or pralines. It is not only delicious, but also healthy! Compared to the classic one, there is no added sugar and is based on organic, unroasted cocoa beans with a higher content of valuable ingredients.

A velvety glaze that you can prepare yourself with the help of chocolate or chocolate couverture

You can use both couverture and natural chocolate to prepare a velvety glaze. Both solutions will be good for the quality and taste of the topping. You can add it to desserts without feeling guilty as it does not contain sugar. In addition, it is a vegan and gluten-free product.

The preparation of the chocolate coating takes a little more time – especially if you are preparing it for the first time. But the look and taste of desserts with its addition will be really unique! All because couverture has a slightly different composition than classic chocolate. It contains more cocoa butter (up to 35%), thanks to which the glaze made of it is extremely velvety, has a smooth structure and exceptional shine.

How to make a delicious chocolate glaze?

If you decide to make a chocolate coating, there are several ways to prepare it. The most important thing is that you can achieve a “tempering” effect (ie even structure).

One of the most popular ways to make couverture coating is stacking. First you need to divide the couverture into small pieces and then melt it in a water bath. The temperature is not without significance as it should be around 40 ?. The next step is to pour part of the couverture onto the cold surface and scrape it inside. When it solidifies, put it back in the bowl with the remaining liquid.

With the glaze prepared in this way, you can pour over muffins, cookies, and hand-prepared pralines. You can also prepare warming winter drinking chocolate from couverture or chocolate without added sugar!