White sugar is the bane of many parents. Consuming products sweetened with it has a negative impact on the health of children. But how do you explain to them that they shouldn’t eat sweets? It is a difficult task, but it is not impossible. All you need to do is learn how to teach your child a healthy approach to sweets and choose sweet products without the addition of white sugar.

Learn 3 effective ways to teach your child a healthy approach to sweets

Excessive consumption of sweets contributes, inter alia, to the formation of tooth decay, as well as overweight and obesity. There is a lot of talk about it, but many parents still wonder what to do to give their children a healthy approach to sweets. If you haven’t found an effective way to do it yet, check out the tips below!

Be an example for your child

Children are good observers. Therefore, they will not believe that eating sweets is unhealthy if they see that you eat them yourself very often. If you want your child to have a healthy approach to sweet products, you must be a good example for them.

Do not make your child get used to eating sweets

It is important to exercise healthy moderation. If you give your child sweets once in a while (for example on special occasions), nothing bad is happening yet. Your child sees that it is a product that is eaten occasionally.

Also remember that it is worth to be moderate when serving homemade desserts. Give your baby small portions and avoid making additions.

Show that not only unhealthy products can taste sweet

If your child loves sweet taste, show him/her that its source is not only poorly composed sweets. You might as well eat a healthy dessert, such as home-made cereal bars and cookies, millet “raffaello” – there are lots of ideas!

What if you don’t have time to make fit desserts? The solution to this problem will be to buy sweet products that are not sweetened with sugar. One of them is chocolate made from unroasted cocoa beans, which contains added coconut blossom sugar.

Healthy sweets that You can offer your child

Healthy sweets should not contain white sugar – instead, they may contain, for example, stevia or coconut flower sugar. In addition, it is worth avoiding those that contain palm oil and artificial additives.

You won’t find any of these unhealthy ingredients in our unroasted cocoa beans chocolate. It is a product that is distinguished by a sweet and slightly caramel taste and a higher content of polyphenols, iron and B vitamins.

In addition to healthy chocolate bars, you can offer your child other delicious products from our offer. As a snack for school, for example, fruit covered with a velvety chocolate glaze or bio biscuits with Creamy chocolate will be perfect. However, before leaving the house, you can serve your child sandwiches different from all others – whole grain bread spread with chocolate cream with roasted hazelnuts.