There are very few people who can resist chocolate. Its unusual taste and aroma have been winning our hearts and palates for many years. You can even get addicted to it, which is called “chocoholism”. If we are also one of the people who cannot live without chocolate flavor, healthy chocolate will be a good choice.

Ingredients responsible for “chocoholism”

The ingredients responsible for chocolate addiction are primarily anandamide and phenylalanine. They influence the secretion of endorphins, i.e. happiness hormones. Thanks to them, we feel pleasure and peace. Another ingredient that may be behind “chocoholism” is caffeine, which easily penetrates the blood-brain barrier and stimulates us.

Natural chocolate – a good choice for people who cannot live without chocolate flavor

Natural chocolate is made of natural, organic ingredients that come from proven sources. It does not contain additives that may have a negative impact on our health, e.g. flavor and aroma enhancers. A product that does not contain aromas, flavor enhancers, etc., as well as added sugar (e.g. dark chocolate or with sugar substitutes) will be a good choice for people who cannot live without the taste of chocolate. Healthy chocolate is distinguished not only by the absence of unnecessary additives, but also the presence of ingredients with valuable properties. Cocoa beans are a source of polyphenols with a strong antioxidant effect (which means that they can protect us against, among others, aging processes and cardiovascular diseases).

In addition, cocoa provides valuable elements such as iron and magnesium. The correct level of magnesium in the body reduces stress sensitivity, and the right amount of iron protects us against anemia manifested, among others, by weakening. Therefore, it can be said that natural chocolate is also a way to feel good and a perfect supplement to your diet.