The human brain is an organ that consumes a relatively large amount of energy. The demand for ATP delivered increases significantly while studying or performing other activities that require high concentration. Hence, the key to maintaining the efficiency of the brain is the constant supply of easily digestible energy. Will the most popular chocolate be used in this role? Can a cocoa tablet make learning more effective? We will try to answer these questions later in our short article.

Traditional and vegan chocolate – great sources of energy

Classic chocolate is one of the high-energy products characterized by a low glycemic index and a glycemic load (1 per 30 grams of the product). For example, 100 grams of its bitter form provides the body with over 500 easily digestible calories. Noteworthy in the context of the beneficial effects of chocolate on the brain, this sweetness contains a large amount of polyphenols that can increase blood flow through the central nervous system (this was confirmed, for example, by the work of Prof. David Kennedy from Northumbria University). Increased blood supply to the brain contributes to the growth of nerve cells. All this translates into an improvement in concentration, focus and long-term memory stimulation. The minerals found in cocoa (e.g. magnesium, calcium, iron) and endorphins, also known as happiness hormones, also support remembering. The latter are responsible for the joy felt after eating chocolate, better well-being and greater motivation to continue learning or other activities that require concentration. It is worth adding that vegan chocolate has the same properties as its classic counterpart. It should be remembered that this sweetness in its traditional version is produced solely on the basis of ingredients of plant origin.