Often, chocolate is credited with having a large amount of nutritional value and a number of health-promoting properties. However, it turns out that most of the time we are talking about the wrong product !. All these positive properties are due to the product we call “vegan chocolate”. If you’ve ever looked at the description of one of our vegan chocolates, you might be wondering what it is all about. And that’s why, we explain!

Surowa wegańska czekolada

Raw chocolate is the one you are looking for!

What is raw vegan chocolate?

If you’ve ever wondered what raw chocolate is, you’ve come to the right place! It is definitely a healthier alternative to traditional chocolate, which can be found in almost every store. The term raw comes from the unroasted and therefore raw cocoa beans that are used in the production of our vegan chocolates.

How is raw vegan chocolate different from regular chocolate?

As is usually the case in such cases, everything takes place at the production stage. After collecting the pulp with the white cocoa beans, they are fermented by placing them in special troughs. This process usually takes about 7 days. Then the beans take on their final brown color. They are then dried to prevent the occurrence of mold. And so far, it is the same as with our vegan chocolate.

And now the difference begins! As standard, in the production of traditional chocolates, they are roasted or roasted at high temperatures and ground. The resulting mass is then separated into cocoa butter and cocoa which is alkalized. This is to get rid of the naturally occurring bitterness, unfortunately the side effect is the loss of most antioxidants. Milk, sugar and non-cocoa fat are added successively.

What does it look like with raw vegan chocolate?

In the case of our vegan Cocoa chocolate, the cocoa beans are not roasted or alkalized. Instead, low temperatures are used to preserve as many nutrients as possible. For example, the process of conching, i.e. mixing chocolate ingredients in the case of raw chocolate, takes place at a temperature of 42 degrees! While the roasting process itself ranges from 130 to 400 degrees!

Surowa czekolada z owocami

Delicious and healthy!

It is worth noting that the final product, if we look at raw chocolate, contains a much smaller number of ingredients. In its case, for example, no milk or sugar is added, which makes raw chocolate an ideal proposition for people on a vegan diet! So, if we are talking about the health-promoting effects of chocolate, we should make it clear that it is mainly raw chocolate!

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