Have you ever come across the term “chocolate couverture”? No? And have you seen such chocolate pills in commercials or in cookbooks? ? Kuwertura is a product surely known to all gastronomy and sweet pastries enthusiasts! From classic chocolate, apart from the form, it is distinguished by its composition and properties, and therefore also its use.

What is couverture?

The word couverture (French) denotes a type of chocolate with a higher cocoa butter content of more than 31%. The high content of cocoa butter gives shine and crunchiness to the sweets covered with it. Chocolate couverture available on the market usually takes the form of small lozenges (from French callets) or blocks (up to 25 kg of chocolate bars, or bags). On an industrial scale, couverture suitable for transportation by tankers is also produced. An indispensable element of working with couverture is tempering it, i.e. mixing, heating and cooling the liquid, which supports the proper crystallization of cocoa butter.

What can be made of couverture?