We associate chocolate with a snack that we eat only for taste and pleasure. When we want to start eating healthy or go on a diet, the first thing we eliminate from our menu are chocolate delicacies. However, chocolate is not equal to chocolate, and you can find bars on the market consisting mainly of sugar and unnecessary fillers, as well as full of the nutritional value of chocolate, which can be an important part of a healthy diet. So what makes chocolate healthy?

Low sugar content

It cannot be denied that sugar in larger amounts does not serve our body. It exposes our teeth to caries, causes insulin spikes and does not saturate us for long. Besides, it has little nutritional value and is quite caloric. Therefore, a healthy chocolate bar should not have it in the first place in the composition. Although we reach for this snack precisely because of the sweet taste, less sugar should not spoil the pleasure of eating, and the taste buds will quickly get used to the changes, so it is worth changing milk chocolate to its bitter version. You can also opt for sugar-free and lactose-free chocolate, which is sweetened with healthier substitutes (e.g. coconut blossom nectar). Such a snack is also a suitable proposition for vegans who exclude dairy from their diet.

High-quality cocoa liquor

There is no chocolate without cocoa beans, and in order for chocolate to be called healthy, the content of cocoa liquor, i.e. the powder made from the beans, must be high. It should take first place in the line-up. However, the valuable properties of chocolate are not only determined by the amount of cocoa, but also by the way it is processed. In most of the products available on the market, cocoa beans are subjected to high temperature, which destroys some of the vitamins and minerals contained in their structure. If we care about the health-promoting features of chocolate, we can reach for raw chocolate products, which are produced at a much lower temperature. As a result, the tablet contains more nutrients, such as magnesium and phosphorus. It is easiest to get such chocolate in an online store.

Simple composition

The best chocolates are characterized by a short composition that contains only the basic ingredients, i.e. cocoa mass, some type of sweetener, cocoa butter. Of course, milk chocolates also have milk additives. Emulsifiers, such as lecithin, and artificial colors and flavors are completely unnecessary. If we want to choose healthy chocolates, let’s focus on natural additives.