Is white chocolate always unhealthy? We usually associate a bar of white chocolate with a mass of packed sugar and other artificial additives that are supposed to make the chocolate taste better. We have no doubt that this is not a healthy path, but is it the only one? It turns out no! At Octochocolate, we have the perfect answer for those who want to enjoy the melting taste of white chocolate. At the same time, not stuffing yourself with a mass of sugar and unnecessary chemical additives!

Biała czekolada z wiśniami

Despite its name, white chocolate does not always have a white color!

What  really is white chocolate?

First of all, it is worth asking yourself whether this white chocolate, which we find most often on store shelves, really is chocolate? In fact, the more truth is that it is merely a mere term. It does not contain cocoa powder, most often even in the smallest percentage. And it is this ingredient that tells us that a given bar is indeed chocolate.

So what does white chocolate contain?

The most common ingredients of white chocolate are sugar, milk fat, emulsifier, powdered milk and cocoa butter, which is sometimes replaced with vegetable fat. We do not recommend consuming products that have such a replacement. Can such a white bar be called chocolate then?

The answer to this question is obvious. Yes, maybe, but only in name. In fact, it’s hard to call a product that does not contain cocoa mass, an ingredient that, by definition, chocolate should have.

So what is Cocoa white chocolate?

Despite the common name, our alternative to white chocolate from the offer of large food concerns differs significantly. This may amaze many, but they even differ in color!

Cocoa white chocolate actually has a slight beige hue, due to the production process in which the almonds used in its production are blanched.

Unlike the option most often found on store shelves, our alternative does not contain all the added white sugar. Instead, we focused on a natural substitute, which is a sweetener obtained from the nectar of coconut palm flowers. Considered one of the healthiest! You will also not find a gram of milk, you can be sure that Cocoa chocolates are 100% vegan!

We care about ecology at every step!

That is why we only work with crops that are certified in terms of the ecology of crops and compliance with the principles of ethical trade. Our finished products are packed only in biodegradable packaging. All this to make sure that when you bet on Cocoa, you are also betting on the good of the entire planet!

Have you already tried our white chocolate alternative? Let us know which option you like best!