Buying gifts can be a difficult task or … an enjoyable challenge! And the bar goes up when you want to give something to a vegan, although such a diet and worldview are not your cup of tea and you don’t know how to buy a hit gift. Here comes the rescue! Chocolate gifts are the best idea! It works for everyone, no matter what their lifestyle. What exactly should you pay attention to and what should you consider when choosing this type of sweet? Here are a handful of sweet inspirations.

There is only one queen, which is vegan chocolate

This is perhaps the greatest vegan discovery. Christmas begs to give each other chocolate gifts on their occasion, and vegans do not have to give them up. A typical Christmas gift is a figurine of Santa made of coconut or almond chocolate.Each of these options will surely satisfy the discerning vegan. Another idea is vegan chocolate wrapped in hazelnuts or roasted almonds. All this can be found in the BIO version, which will be even more appreciated by our recipient.

Chocolate Snacks

Vegan chocolate may be a vegan’s best friend, but for some it can be boring in itself, so it’s worth reaching for figs, for example, which feel great in her company. Delicious figs stuffed with coconut cream in almond chocolate can be a great idea. We have a combination of delicious chocolate and a healthy fig, which gives absolution when reaching for chocolate. Combining chocolate with fruit is a feast for our taste buds, so it is also worth reaching for plums or apricots in chocolate. Exotic fruits can also delight a loved one. What if we want to give something special to a person close to our heart? Of course, a white chocolate heart filled with hazelnuts will be perfect. The saying that through the stomach to the heart takes on a deeper meaning at this point!

Browse through our offer of chocolate products and choose something special for a loved one, making her smile.