We know how much the heat  of the sun at times can be a pain. We also know, however, that every day can be a little better if we sweeten it with a little of the right treat! We have a few suggestions for sweet treats for you, which will surely make these hot days a bit more bearable!


Corn flakes in raw chocolate!

There is nothing better than eating corn flakes in a bowl of cold milk! Even if you are one of the strong opponents and you cannot imagine eating flakes this way. We strongly encourage you! In addition, you should also consider the option with natural yoghurt and fruit. Then such a meal will not only make the heat stop so much, but also guarantee a delicious and healthy meal!

Crisps in raw chocolate!

If we want something sweet, whiles the sun warms up mercilessly- Raw chocolate crisps can be a good solution. Crunchy, delicious, corn balls wrapped in a delicate coating of raw chocolate is a unique proposition. Perfect as a light snack in the summer!

Our offer includes something for everyone! For lovers of more classic flavors, we have strawberry-flavored corn crisps, and for those looking for a subtle variety, coconut chocolate crisps are waiting for you! Something salty? No problem! We also have some that are covered in lightly salted almond chocolate!

Biscuits in raw chocolate!

The next proposition that will be perfect for the hot summer days will definitely be products from our One Bite series! Biscuits coated with raw chocolate are always a good idea, especially during the season when the sun is the most difficult for us. They are perfect for picnics or other such events.

Not only delicious, but also healthy!

Our summer suggestions are, of course, not only delicious, but also healthy! None of the Cocoa products contain gluten, white sugar or milk additives, so you can be sure that they are 100% vegan! In addition, we only work with crops that are certified in terms of the ecology of crops and compliance with the principle of ethical trade.

And that’s not all, we only use biodegradable packaging, so you don’t have to worry a moment of how the packages of  your sweet treats affects the natural environment of our planet!

Be sure to let us know which option is your favourite this summer season!