Start the day with a chocolate-flavored breakfast! When choosing RAW COCOA chocolate, you do not have to worry that such a meal will disturb your healthy diet. Check why it is not only tasty, but also healthy, and learn how to prepare a delicious breakfast from it.

Why is RAW COCOA chocolate a good choice for breakfast?

Raw chocolate is different from classic chocolate, which is high in calories and contains a lot of white sugar. Therefore, you can include it in your diet without remorse. Moreover, it is a source of polyphenols, minerals and vitamins. It has a beneficial effect on your health.

Not only the fact that it does not contain white sugar, palm oil and other harmful additives makes it a healthier alternative to classic chocolate. It also owes its valuable properties to a different method of processing, using low temperature. This makes it retain more health-promoting ingredients (including B vitamins, vitamin E, iron, magnesium, zinc, polyphenols).

Are you looking for a breakfast idea with delicious and healthy chocolate? Bet on corn flakes, which are covered with its glaze. You can enjoy their unique taste even if you don’t have time to cook in the morning. Just pour them with your favorite plant-based milk and it’s ready! They are unlike any other flakes, because despite the fact that they are covered in chocolate, you will not find white sugar in them. They owe their sweet taste with a hint of caramel to a natural sweetener – coconut palm flower nectar.

Vegan breakfast in various flavours

You can enjoy the taste of chocolate covered corn flakes even if you are on a plant-based diet. The glaze they are doused with was made of delicious vegan chocolate. You can add, for example, vegan yoghurt to your cereal, and if you like a hot breakfast, just pour your favorite plant-based milk over it.

You don’t have to worry that you will get bored of their taste quickly. You can choose from flakes covered with various types of chocolate: Dark, Creamy, Coconut and Almond with salt.

Sie können den Geschmack von Cornflakes mit Schokoladenüberzug auch bei einer pflanzlichen Ernährung genießen. Die Glasur, mit der sie übergossen werden, besteht aus köstlicher veganer Schokolade. Du kannst deinem Müsli zum Beispiel veganen Joghurt hinzufügen, und wenn du ein warmes Frühstück magst, gieße einfach deine Lieblings-Pflanzenmilch darüber.

Sie müssen sich keine Sorgen machen, dass Ihnen der Geschmack schnell langweilig wird. Zur Auswahl stehen Flocken, die mit verschiedenen Schokoladensorten überzogen sind: Dark, Creamy, Coconut und Almond with Salt.