Each of us sometimes wants a sweet snack, and among the available sweets, chocolate enjoys the best reputation. It usually contains the least unnecessary ingredients and is less caloric than many other options. Healthy chocolates contain a lot of cocoa mass, rich in valuable minerals, and have a simple composition with high-quality ingredients on the list. For those who care about nutritional value, raw chocolate is recommended, as it contains many more. However, is it possible to eat this snack if we avoid refined sugar? Fortunately, yes. There are many sugar-free chocolates on the market that owe their sweet taste to healthier alternatives. Here are a few of the most popular replacements.


1.Nectar from coconut palm flowers
Healthy organic chocolate should not contain white sugar – but what can you replace it with? A great replacement is the so-called coconut sugar obtained from the flowers of the coconut palm. This natural alternative is made from the sap of the plant, and the entire process of treating it comes down to heating the liquid to evaporate the water. Thanks to this treatment, crystals are obtained.

This type of sweetener has a noticeable coconut and caramel flavor, and most importantly has a lower glycemic index than its traditional counterpart, which allows for a lower increase in blood glucose levels. Sugar obtained from coconut palm also contains more valuable minerals, i.e. potassium, magnesium, zinc and vitamin C.

Another popular substitute for white sugar added to chocolates is xylitol, also known as birch sugar. Xylitol, like coconut nectar, is a natural sweetener. It is obtained from birch bark, although it is also found in other plants. It is commonly referred to as sugar, but due to the different way of digestion in the body, it belongs to sugar alcohols. It looks like regular sugar because it is in the form of white crystals. However, it has a much lower calorific value and does not cause insulin release. It is also associated with many health benefits.

You can also find chocolates with stevia on the market, another natural sweetener derived from the plant of the same name. Stevia is much sweeter than white sugar and does not contain calories, which makes it a great alternative for people who care about their figure. The glycemic index of stevia is so small that it does not exceed one unit, making it a sweetener suitable for diabetics and other people with blood sugar control.

Sugar-free chocolates are as sweet and tasty as traditional products, so it is worth reaching for healthy tablets with alternative sweeteners.