Chocolate is often associated with a product that should be one of the first to be removed from the diet. However, this is not entirely true. If you choose a product with the right composition, it turns out that there is such a thing as healthy chocolate!

Why is it worth eating chocolate?

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans, which are a rich source of polyphenols – ingredients with strong antioxidant properties. However, its health-promoting effect is not only due to the presence of polyphenols. Chocolate is also a good source of other ingredients that have a beneficial effect on health, including magnesium, iron, zinc and tryptophan.

Considering the presence of these valuable ingredients in chocolate, its consumption brings the following health benefits:

  1. slows down the aging process;
  2. lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases;
  3. supports the proper functioning of the nervous system;
  4. increases resistance to stress;
  5. relieves inflammatory processes;

However, it should be emphasized that only healthy chocolate with the right composition has a beneficial effect on health. Consuming highly processed products with the addition of refined sugar, syrups, etc. (e.g. chocolate with filling, cookies) will have the opposite effect.

What to consider when buying healthy chocolate?

What should you pay attention to when buying chocolate so that its consumption actually has a beneficial effect on health? First of all, look at the ingredient list given on the package. It should not include items such as refined sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, palm oil.

Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content is a good choice, as it has more polyphenols and no unnecessary additives. However, if you prefer sweeter-tasting chocolates, you can also choose from products that contain healthier substitutes instead of sugar, such as erythritol, xylitol or stevia.

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