Chocolate is one of the favorite sweets among both children and adults. Its popularity results, among other things, from the richness of the offered species and additives used in the production of plates. What can people on a gluten-free diet do to enjoy the taste of their favorite chocolate? Do they have to give up sweets?

Gluten-free diet

People suffering from celiac disease and food allergies must be especially careful when shopping. In order to avoid products that are harmful to health, it is necessary to carefully read the composition labels of the product. However, in the case of a gluten-free diet, this may not be sufficient practice. People avoiding gluten should look for special graphics on the packaging – a crossed grain ear and the words: “Gluten-free product”, “Gluten free”. Only these products ensure that they are completely safe in the diet of people suffering from celiac disease.

Gluten-free chocolate – does it exist?

Unfortunately, more and more people are struggling with gluten intolerance. People with celiac disease must follow a strict diet throughout their lives. It is probably comforting that we can find many gluten-free products in stores. Among them is gluten-free chocolate.

As a rule, chocolates do not contain gluten, but it must be remembered that during processing, packaging or storage, they may be contaminated with this substance. This is because confectionery plants often produce various products (for example cookies) to which flour is added that is harmful to people with celiac disease. When choosing gluten-free chocolate, you always have to reach only for the one with the crossed ear sign.

Types of gluten-free chocolate

People with special nutritional needs now have a lot to choose from: they can freely choose their favorite sweet flavor. Chocolates are available in many flavors: dark, white or coconut chocolate. Gluten-free chocolates can be combined with various additives – we can find those containing nuts, dried fruit, spices (for example, cinnamon, salt). They are also white sugar-free products, sweetened with healthy stevia or palm sugar.