Chocolate improves the mood and adds energy, and it contains valuable nutrients – vitamins A, D, E and B group, as well as magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus. Important flavors of chocolate also include flavonoids that increase immunity, fight free radicals and delay aging. In the article below we present some interesting facts about chocolate, which may surprise you!

The word “chocolate” comes from the Aztec language

The Aztecs used the term “Xocolatl”, which literally meant “bitter water” in their language. Xocolatl was a very popular aromatic decoction of cocoa beans in Aztec society. This type of drinking chocolate was additionally seasoned with red pepper, vanilla or flower petals. It is worth noting that the Aztecs considered cocoa beans very valuable and even used them as a kind of payment.

Brussels, the chocolate capital of the world

There are over 2,000 chocolate stores in Belgium. In addition, in this rather small European country there are 16 chocolate museums and 12 factories producing chocolate products. In Brussels itself, there are also many shops offering pralines with a unique taste and original shapes. If you want to bring your loved ones original souvenirs from Brussels, Belgian chocolate gifts will probably be a great choice.

Chocolate has an anti-depressant effect

It has been scientifically proven that chocolate improves mood. The phenylthylamine contained in it is responsible for this. Interestingly, this substance also called the drug of love, is naturally secreted by the brain of lovers. It is therefore phenylthylamine that is responsible for the feeling of happiness and even euphoria, so common at the stage of falling in love. People with depression usually have very low levels of phenylethylamine. However, this substance can be delivered to the body from the outside – for example, by consuming high-quality chocolate.

The first chocolate boxes were already produced in the 18th century

Delicious chocolate gifts are generally suitable for any occasion. We often give people close to us chocolate boxes, pralines or fruit in chocolate. Have you ever wondered about the history of candy boxes? Well, the first chocolate boxes were made in the 18th century at the French court. The word “chocolate box” (French “bombon” or “candy”) was used by the French nobility to describe decorative containers for small chocolates. At that time, these containers were mainly made of porcelain.

As we have already mentioned, in addition to its unique taste, chocolate has many other advantages. It is worth remembering, however, that this delicacy in the classic version is high in calories. In addition, consumed in excess may burden the liver. If you want to take full advantage of the beneficial properties of chocolate, enjoy it in moderation and try to reach for products that do not contain lactose, gluten or refined sugar.