Congenital and acquired food intolerances are becoming an increasingly common condition that is usually associated with radical dietary changes. People allergic to gluten or lactose are forced to give up many food products containing milk sugar as well as rye, barley and wheat varieties. Fortunately, the new needs of consumers somehow forced the producers to launch products that exclude the above ingredients and retain the appropriate taste.

Symptoms that will determine your lactose or gluten intolerance

If after each consumption of dairy products or granular products (especially those made of wheat flour) you notice various gastrointestinal complaints, it may be an allergy to gluten or lactose. Allergy, however, will not be bothersome if you eliminate products from the diet that contain allergenic substances. It is worth adding that allergic intolerance is a condition that requires a change in diet, but the already manifesting disease, called celiac disease, requires additional drug therapy.

Therefore, do not eat chocolate from standard ingredients if you observe abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting, excessive gas or diarrhea. Organic food producers have made sure that you don’t have to give up sweets. Chocolate without milk, refined sugar and gluten, containing natural, organic ingredients of plant origin, like the highest quality cocoa, dried fruit and dried fruit, is a product not only suitable for diabetics and people allergic to milk sugar.

Is gluten and lactose free chocolate suitable for vegans?

Gluten-free chocolate and lactose-free chocolate, which are produced by ecological manufactories, are usually also dedicated to people whose daily diet is a collection of products, excluding the animal origin of ingredients. It is worth adding that this type of assortment is available not only in classic flavors (e.g. coconut chocolate, almonds in chocolate), but also in more unusual versions (e.g. orange slices in white chocolate, a bar of chocolate with pistachios and sea salt).

Gluten-free and lactose-free chocolate is a product suitable not only for people allergic to gluten and milk sugar. Chocolate bars, nuts and dried fruit coating, as well as chocolate creams can also add variety to a vegan diet.