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OCTO Chocolate FIGS

                 NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH

Well- hello Chocolate lovers! Its November already- the month officially associated with many fun celebrations around the world!  To mention just a few we have Origami Day, Vanilla Cupcake day, World Kindness day, Clean out your Refrigerator day ( seriously we did't make this up! 😂), Fibonacci Day and many more.

In true OCTO style we decided to celebrate November by creating a unique chocolate product we can all be snacking on :
Chocolate Filled in Figs! 

1 OCTO Gianduja Fig coated in Almond Chocolate 40g:

Whats Gianduja you might ask? Gianduja is traditional Italian Hazelnut spread that was 1st related in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. Our take on the recipe is an Organic air dried Fig filled in with a sweet chocolate spread containing a generous 58% of Hazelnuts! 

2 OCTO Chocolate and Hazelnut spread filed in FIG 40g:
Here we have an organic air dried Fig filled in with Chocolate and Hazelnut spread thats rich, yummy and high in Cocoa mass content of 65%! Perfect for the True Chocolate lover!

3 OCTO Coconut cream filled in Fig coated in Almond Chocolate 40g:
This is the ultimate vegan milky-like tasting Fig filled in with our award winning Coconut based spread. Did we mention how irresistibly smooth and melt in your mouth this Fig taste like? ;-)

So Which of these Figs will be lucky enough to be tased by you? :)


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