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Make Valentine's Day Special

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, why not choose a chocolate gift a little bit more Special this year?

We all know even the smallest gift, word or action can speak volumes to your loved one-however when an opportunity to go the extra mile arises we believe it should be fully grasped. Now days there are also so many options with the type of a present you can gift- however Chocolates have never gone out of fashion! Have you noticed each year you have resorted ( some of us even depended ) on giving just a small chocolate box accompanied by beautiful flowers and a bottle of wine for example? Chocolates have always been a classic present to gift on any occasion predominantly on Valentines Day as a declaration of LOVE. An interesting fact originating from Victorian times states that chocolate was an important present to gift in order to show love, seduce/ or demonstrate interest in a potential partner. Because chocolates were so closely associated with courtship and sex, Victorian etiquette books forewarned single ladies to never accept chocolates ‘from gentlemen to whom they are neither related or engaged'. Interesting fact you may say - but we present you with more facts:

-Chocolate is also an Aphrodisiac!

-Chocolate is packed with beneficial minerals !

-Chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA)- the same chemical your brain creates when falling in LOVE

-Its good for your skin,  praised for antioxidant content and can prevent cognitive decline - just a few to name!

With everything mentioned above its important to acknowledge that not every chocolate is beneficial for you! The higher the cocoa content in chocolate the better and healthier for you-therefore always choose Quality over quantity. Thanks to our strong work etiquette we use the best available cocoa beans in our chocolates. We sweeten all our chocolates with Coconut Blossom Sugar (which has a low GI level of around 35 - and we know its better for us). We are Organic Certified, Vegan, Glutenfree/ Dairyfree/ Soyfree! As a bonus our packages are stylish and decadent in design . And to finally mention our chocolates are absolutely delightful in taste!

So why not go the extra mile this Valentines Day and 'Waw'  someone with an OCTO chocolate gift box set?

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