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Make a chocolat' Unicorn' cheesecake ( vegan)

Who wants a bite of this fluffy soft and yummy chocolate Unicorn       cheesecake?

Looking for a easy vegan ‘Unicorn’ cheesecake to make? Follow our recipe and create this fun show stopping dessert in less than 10 minutes for any occasion! 👊🏼🍫🎊


Recipe ( portion for 2)

1.Crash 8 vegan digestive biscuits and mix them with 2 tsp melted coconut butter.

2.Place buscuit mixture in jars and place in fridge to chill whiles mixing cream mixture.

3. In a bowl whip 1/2 vegan cheese cream + coconut blossom sugar+5 tbs coconut yogurt. Mix well and place mixture in the jars filled with the biscuit base.

4. Take a piece of OCTOs Raw Goji Berry Bar and cut/break into a sharp scalene triangle aka 'Unicorn' shape 😀

5. Layer/decorate as desired -fresh fruit and OCTOs Unicorn chocolate bar on top- (✨obviously!)



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