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How The OCTO Chocolate Project Was Born


We wanted to create an imaginative brand that was very close and coming from nature. It had to be simple pure but luxury in taste, quality and image. After browsing and looking at numerous images we stopped our attention on a mysterious looking skeleton of a leaf picture we were instantly drawn at. We saw the potential of this image, we played around with it until we got the desired look for our brand..and as they say the rest is history!


The creation of our 1st Octo chocolate box model was done by one of the best graphic designers in our opinion, named Wojtek ( created our  strong concept by cutting and deforming the skeletal leaf image in precise places to give it an irregular look, which we absolutely loved and we hope you do too!

When we received our 1st samples of the hot stamped paper sheets, we expected to see a much deeper imbedded imprint of the gold leaf. Unaware that the steel matrix pumps could not go deeper trough the dense paper with the perforation process, we decided to stick with our first result. In fact we reckon the slightly non-uniform paper texture and the gold aluminium element as an ideal combination in contrast for Octo chocolate.

It is said that we buy with our eyes, but never the less touch is also significant. For a long time, we were undecided if we should use printing on our packaging or to create a more exclusive and individual look of our products. We decide not to compromise and finally decided to use a hot stamping technique on paper. The colour scheme came natural to us-we selected a decadent dark gold aluminium colour for the leaf-hot stamped on a freshly dyed in black, slightly rough paper.

To form our boxes is easy! After cutting the shape and gluing all corners the box is ready. Thanks to using black dyed paper we have eliminating any visibility of white edges appearing on the box or label. Call us a  perfectionist but we wanted our logo to be the centre piece of all eye attention.

Now you see one of our pack shots. The final effect is The White box for our vegan version of milk chocolate made with freeze dried coconut water and The Black box for our dark chocolate lovers.

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