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Father's Day surprice

Father's Day!

Father's day is that one day of the year where we can truly express our gratitude love and respect towards our fathers.  Fathers protect us, care for us and are equally a strong role model in our lives as our mothers, aunties or any relatives may be!

But what if you haven't been raised by your father? Who was your Male role model? Who was your father figure? Was it your uncle, step dad, male family friend, teacher or your dear grandpa?

See everyone goes through life experiencing it differently but that one person ie our Father can form a part of our character in a great way. Just like mothers care for us we have fathers take care of us too on daily basis. We need to show gratitude towards every parent no matter what. Because they are a part of us and we a part of them. 

So have you thought how you would like to spoil  your dear father or male/ father figure today? We think you should splash a little and make them feel great- Because they have been great all this time towards us and will always be!

So go ahead- choose that chocolate present for your father and make him grin from side to side!

Oh, we nearly forgot -feel free to include this fun poem in your pressie to your father. Why not hand write it and add a' greater fun-like 'personal touch to your pressie?


“You are my hero,
Dad You’re my secure foundation.

When I think of you,
I’m filled with love and fond appreciation.

With OCTOchocolate I gift you today,

Dad I love you, have a smashing  yummy chocolate- fuelled day!"


Happy Father's Day!


OCTOchocolate x








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