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Chocolate Show London

Hello and thank you for reading our blog. We hope you find it interesting so here we go... OCTO Chocolate was born only 6 months ago.


Although we have been already involved producing raw chocolate products we were dreaming of creating a new brand unique and exclusive brand. In our imagination we wanted to create a brand offering small bathes of chocolate products, made from selected organic cocoa beans and sweetened only with coconut blossom sugar

 The choice fell on Ecuadorian cocoa beans Arriba Nacional, cocoa beans from Sambirano no.1 plantation, Peruvian washed,  dried and disinfected Trinitario  cocoa beans and nibs which we use for our RAW chocolate production. All of the cocoa beans arrived to us at the beginning of July 2016.

... With the 3 type combination beans we began the OCTOchocolate magic. The grinding process was made in our 108 years old grinder of J.M.Lehmann Dresden. 


The 2x 400  granit rolls crushing the cocoa beans with crystalized coconut blossom nectar realising   splendid flavour and heavenly chocolate aroma .

In the last three months we've concentrating entirely on exhibiting our products via Chocolate specialised shows at Olympia Hall in London. We have managed to book 3x food shows but more importantly, represent the core values OCTOchocolate. Those are the very same   elements from using only ecological farmers, natural ingredients to carefully hand wrapping each OCTO product. All the pictures displayed on our social channel are made by us, or our friends who have help us along the way from constructing the exhibition furniture, to designing our packages to finalising the very same graphic content you will see on each of our fabulous displays. At OCTOchocolate honesty comes no1. and hope you give us the chance and stay patient with us so we can introduce you to more interesting facts from backstage to our future plans. Stay tuned!


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