Among our offer you can find various flavors of chocolate. From classic ones, without any frills. Certainly appreciated by raw chocolate gourmets. But there will also be items that no chocolate connoisseur can resist! Therefore, this time we have gathered for you in one place a list of, in our opinion, the most interesting combinations of raw chocolate with, of course, ecological additives!

White chocolate – with pistachios and salt.

First of all, we chose white chocolate, which is white only in name. In fact, it is more beige. It differs from the commonly known white chocolates much more than just in color! You will not find any milk or added sugar in it. It is made of blanched almonds with the addition of coconut blossom sugar, making it 100% vegan and healthy!

On the one hand, it is already very well known and proven, and on the other hand, the delicious combination of pistachios and salt is still being discovered by many! Even the most demanding taste buds will not be able to deny this unique taste plate!

Chocolate with goji berries.

A large group of gourmets will also be satisfied with the fact that vegan raw chocolate and goji berries, which have been enjoying increasing popularity for some time now, are combined in one bar. And no wonder! They are known as one of the healthiest fruits, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine it is believed that eating them can extend life. In addition, they contain large amounts of fiber that supports the functioning of our digestive system.

In addition to the fantastic appearance of such a tablet, our beloved goji berries also leave it with an impact on the taste. Thanks to them, we can feel a delicate, characteristic bitterness. Certainly, this is a proposition that will not be ignored by any admirer or connoisseur of raw chocolate!

Raw chocolate cherry – acai.

We have something special for everyone who is looking for extraordinary solutions and unusual proposals. Vegan, raw chocolate in combination with cherries and Acai berries will surely leave behind a vivid memory. The fruit definitely adds dryness to raw chocolate. It will therefore be an ideal choice for lovers of dark chocolate, enriched with unique, fruity accents.

Of course, in our offer you will find a lot of other, also interesting proposals, but these seemed to be the most unusual and worth shedding some light on. Or maybe you have a different opinion? Go ahead and let us know! We are curious which combination surprised you the most!